What is destiny? A Rational Thought


What I am going to tell you now it may difficult to accept but you’ll definitely relate this somehow with you. It will sound little anti-religion or deistic in nature so the question is – what is destiny?
Is it okay to say that is written in my destiny and that was? So it happens and all…

All that you did and so are doing that all is a part of a big pre-scheduled plan and of someone’s master plan whom people used to say God and having so many names Jesus, Shiv, Allah etc.
Is it okay to believe at that like your life is not being controlled by you, it is being controlled by someone else and you are a just another character among like others and part of its plan and having a short-term role then you’ll be replaced.

I think how it sounds like you are being tied up with strings and feeling like a puppet, who doesn’t have an inner conscience and even not having any meaning, so that’s true, If yes then I should leave everything on God, why should I work then or is it a part of my role if it is or if it is already pre-planned so what is a matter of doing hard work when it is not going to reap a single extra penny or should I just fun around. If that is true then let it be.

But on the other flip when it sounds irrational, it is not like this then why should I waste my time, money and other important parts of life which even considered as a sin in my bible for instance over-eating is a sin in bible so should I stop eating them or am I snatching someone’s food where other has a right, all this is a big dilemma. How to overcome from this, can thinking or critical thinking a solution or just it would better to say let it be who cares.

Do you have any answer if yes then please answer my simple question? a very simple one.

Do you believe in God? and if yes how much? ok you do, that means does he/she omnipresent if yes and even fulfil your wishes, so if you have a wish to become a doctor but God has decided something else but due to your daily prayers he would have changed his mind and grant your wish then what it means, what he thought earlier which is even better for you now it is not going to come to you because he would have given you what you want but simultaneously he has changed his own game and doesn’t provide what is better for you but instead you have been provided by what is less good for you so isn’t a failure of a God, or does it means he is not present at everywhere so many questions these things are raising, so believe in you and don’t believe blindly on anything because rational thinking was provided to you, not with ease, it also had a long history for knowing this how a human being had been evolved this much you have to read all from dark age to modernisation of society then you might start value your power of .” Reason


The article was written by Binit Goyal.

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  1. This is so true, I soo much detest this irresponsiblity of leaving the totality of our lives to fate. I think we need to come to a point of realization that between ‘Thus saith the Lord of host’, and ‘It came to pass’ we always and will always have a role to play. Thank you Vinay [I hope I spelt it correctly this time] for this!

  2. wonderful question you raised.
    I believe in God and I also believe in myself and the gifts and shortcomings he gave me …the biggest gift he gave me was my ability to have free choice.

    • God allows person’s own decision. It’s other thing that He already knows what decisions you will make because he is ‘All Knowing’.
      If you had no free will why would God have heaven and hell for the day of judgment. God is not at all Unjust. To punish a person because He decided that for him? No.

      • He exists outside of time and space past and prest and future are the same . The fact that we do know what we will do and that our decisions are ours earn the rewards and punishments.

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