Article Submission guidelines


Some General Guidelines

  1. Recommended article length.

Minimum of 500 words.

  1. Provide original, personal, and honest work.

Here at Life Beyond Beliefs we are looking to share with our readers original content that hasn’t been published on other sites, so if you are comfortable with us being your sole publisher, we are more than happy to share with our readers your inspiring and empowering story. Do not try to re-phrase articles from other websites. We pride ourselves on offering only the most unique content.

  1. Your edits before sending.

Keep in mind that before submitting a blog post, you need to make sure that the text is grammatically correct and typo-free. BY doing so you will also increase your article’s chance of standing out and being published.

  1. Our own editing.

You need to make sure you have all the necessary permissions obtained from the copyright holder in case the article contains copyrighted material, and this applies to photos, audio, video, or other content that is part of your submission.

The articles might sometimes be edited in order to offer a more engaging experience to our readers.  When that happens, we’ll make sure to inform you about it so you can review the piece in its final form.

Articles promoting various products or businesses will be rejected. We reserve the right to edit your submission as outlined above and only publish the type of posts that we find suitable for our readers.

As we’re trying to show our readers your work as a writer, keep in mind that we can’t share links to websites that we feel aren’t in alignment with the content shared on the LBB blog. If your links lead to websites the sell products, pages promoting businesses, or other featured work, we reserve the right not to share these links with our readers.

We also reserve the right to edit and change the information in your article and bio, if necessary.

  1. Include your bio.

Please remember to include a short biography (approximately 3­-4 sentences long). It is also recommended to include in your bio links to YOUR OWN PERSONAL website/ blog (if they are relevant to the content we share on the blog), YOUR OWN PERSONAL social media platforms, etc. This way, our readers will know more about you and they will have a way of getting in contact with you if needed.

  1. Spread the word.

Once your article has been published, we encourage you to share and promote it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, or others social media platforms you might have access to. We also know that our readers want to hear from the authors themselves, so whenever you have the chance, feel free to respond to the comments of your post.

That’s it!

To submit, simply email your article in word format to:  [email protected]

Article submission

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