You’re never gonna to be ready

You’ll never be ready

“If you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely to be waiting for the rest of your life”

Let me tell you a story of a guy named “X“. In his entire life of 22 years, he was conditioned to think that he is not ready to take the next big step in his life. His parents told him to study for an exam and get a high ranked job. His friends told him to study and get a high ranked university for further studies. His cousin and the online blogging community and every other influencer told him to do what he is most passionate about.

With all the fuss going around him he decided to build a website which can solve this problem he is facing and can generate enough income to go travel the world with minimalism. Then he started researching on it and wanted to start the website with a bang.

He always asks himself “Am I Ready?” Why would anyone visit my blog when there are tons of other good blogs out there? And lot more.

The answer he always got was “No I am not ready”.

Then he worked more again the answer was no, again he worked again no, again he worked again no and the series goes on. He never gets the answer that he was ready.

He never wanted to be just another blogger in the sea of bloggers. He wasn’t ready to face the reality; he wasn’t ready to tell his friends, parents, and cousins that blogging is worth it.

But one day he read a line somewhere which goes like this “Congratulations. Welcome to the rest of humanity because no one else is freaking ready, either.”

He has lost his entire year just preparing himself instead of doing what he believed in.

Then he realized that being ready is a crappy little shit of horse.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready”

Instead of thinking about being ready believe in yourself and your dreams. Taking immediate action will result in much greater gains than if we were to wait until “the time is right.”


How the heck you will get to know that you are ready?

How do you get to know that now is the time to start that one thing that you wanted the most?

How do you get to know that when to take that leap and make that move?

If you ask me this question that “Am I ready?” Without thinking twice I will simply say no.

No, You are not ready! And you will never be ready!

You will never be ready for the amount of work you gonna have to do.

You will never be ready for the amount of focus you gonna have to commit.

You will never be ready for how much you need to walk away from before you get to where you wanted to go.

You will never be ready to lose more than you win.

You will never be ready for the sacrifice, struggle, and suffering before you succeed.



So stop asking yourself If you’re ready because you are not.

Instead of this just start asking yourself “Am I Willing”.

Are you willing to put the amount of work needed to succeed?

Are you willing to live in dirt?

Are you willing to give up everything for your dream?

Are you willing to leave the people who hold you back?

Are you willing to take on every challenge that comes your way?

Are you willing to keep going no matter what hits you?

And if the answer is yes for every question above then just go for it.


Sitting around and waiting to “be ready” won’t get you anywhere. Maybe we aren’t ready to take that big giant step towards our goal but this doesn’t mean that we should stop taking the baby steps towards our goal.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the combination of those baby steps that will eventually lead us to the success staircase where we get ready to take the big giant leap to get what we always wanted.


I want you to comment below about the baby step you are going to take today.
So go below write down your goal and the baby step you are going to take today. Then I will watch you like a ghost till you completed your baby step out.




Hi! I’m Vinay, a twenty-something Blogger who is just trying to inspire people to live happier. As someone who's riding the roller coaster of life with his partner loneliness, my goal here is to show you that there's light at the end of any struggle and to be your bff...even if it is just virtually! (: So grab your cup of coffee, Gin! (or some wine!) and let's get chatting...


  1. I totally agree with you. If we wait until we’re ready, then we would never begin to do anything. It is through trying something that we learn and we tend to learn both from success and failure. Thanks for this great post.

    • We can only learn and achieve by putting the work into action. We need to hustle and grind every day to become what we want and take our each step towards our goal. We gotta ” Aim The BULLS Eye”. Because thinking ain’t gonna take us anywhere 🙂 Thanks mate for your valuable comment. Have a lovely day and blessings!

  2. On point. Don’t ask if you’re ready or not, and just go for it. I’ve been wanting to try blogging but I was hesitant. I was afraid that I can’t write good article and no one will read it. But I still decided to go for it and I’m happy to see people like and comment on my posts even if it’s just a small number of people.

  3. That’s true Vinar. I sometimes look back on the past and see those bold steps I took out of optimism, and I so can see how much they’ve decided the better part of my life. As Steve Jobs puts it ‘the dots never connect looking backwards, they only do looking forward’

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