Why following your passion is an incomplete advice?


Now a day’s following your passion is quite a dish on everyone’s plate. Everyone around you, all the media, blogs, your parents, friends and even your mentors will tell you the same thing “Follow your Passion!”

Everyone is sharing majorly these 2 quotes

#1 Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.


#2 Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.



This really sounds appealing and even makes sense because if you follow your passion you will be happy and successful am I right …?

This is when life will show you the middle finger and smiles on your face because this advice is incomplete it has some missing strings needed to be attached as you already know half knowledge is the worst knowledge you have.

Now a question is definitely arising in your mind why am I saying this when everybody else is saying you to follow your passion?

Don’t worry by reading further you will definitely get my point and even agree with me.

Point1 First of all finding your passion in itself is like fighting a world war alone!!


Everyone believes that you have one singular passion and your job is to find it and to pursue it to the exclusion of all else and if you do that everything will fall into place and if you don’t you failed.

The pressure of finding your passion really starts young and goes your whole life but it’s perhaps more pronounced when you are graduation from high school, right

Because at that point you will be like “wow the worlds is at my feet what am I going to do now?”

It’s so intimidating, like picking a major for life. You know I had a hard time even picking a major for four years and now after that, I definitely regret it and want to change my decisions which are perhaps impossible.

And this pressure of choosing your passion is really stressful and you definitely wanted to ask me how I know it? I am going through it I am just graduated and this pressure of finding your passion really stresses me out. One day you want to do something and another day you want to do something else in actual we don’t know what we supposed to do.

What I found after research that passion is not a plan it’s a feeling and feelings change. They do, you can be passionate about a job, a person and a skill about today but what’s about tomorrow.

Now the common problem arising in people mind is that they want to “find their passion”

This is all bullshit because somehow somewhere inside us we all know what our passion is but we just ignore it.  It’s right there in front of you’ you’re just avoiding it. You tell yourself that you love surfing the web, using social media and playing games on your Xbox but you ignore it because you think you can’t make money through these passions.

Now here again screw u, have u even tried?

The problem is not a lack of passion it’s just you don’t know what to do with it. It was never passion; it’s about productivity & priorities.

Today everyone is passionate about the idea of working remotely. They want to become nomadic, pack their bags and travel around the world while earning money. You know what like this there are lots of ideas in today’s entrepreneurship era will feel magically appealing to you but the major problem here is again of expectations. If you think you can become a freelancer and travel the world and love every second of it then my friend you are following some shitty blogs. Because at some point you will hate it, this is not a movie, it’s a real life & life doesn’t work this way there will be moments of ups and downs you just have to stick with your decisions and work hard not just hard smart too.

Words of Victor Frankl, “passion is not something we pursue it must ensue.” Please don’t waste your time waiting for passion to strike, just start doing and remember, “You don’t follow your passion, your passion follows you.”

Point 2 Time is stopping you from Finding Your Passions.

how to find the passion

Today’s lifestyle is fast and if you don’t keep ahead you’ll soon be left behind. It’s a rat race to the finish and the early rat gets the cheese.

Because of this attitude, we’re constantly engaged in a never ending battle to mold, shape and bend time to our will. We’ve evolved into a society of do-errs, where the action is applauded, and anything less regarded as lazy, unmotivated and weak.

In this quarrel of doing more and more, producing more and more, learning more and more skills produces a series effect and we end up being on autopilot. We don’t often get the chance to reflect on whether or not the things we’re setting out to get are actually the things we want. As a result, we end up in a fruitless civil war with ourselves, constantly productive, yet more producing.

To follow our passion, first of all, we really need to find it which is nearly impossible until we allow ourselves the time to do so. We think that sitting at home and thinking about passion will give the answers it really seems so simple but it isn’t. Passion is not going to come to your door “Knock It” and say hey there! Here I am! Were you looking for me? Right! Wrong! Although it would be really awesome if this happens this not going to happen you have to allow yourself the time, open your arms & take the world by storm.

Finding your passion is the first state and it’s the most difficult one. You got to hunt down your passion like a lion hunting down his food. You got to build your bucket list and aim the “Bulls Eye”. You need to define your priorities literally, you’ve got to build time into your schedule to explore yourself and explore the world that surrounds you.  Do some reading. Find the resources that can help you figure it out.

Find your Soul purpose of living. Make your vision laser focused. If you aren’t going to do it who else will? Your mamma!!

As you really made this far means you are really passionate about finding your passion. Let me help you with that:

* The real key to finding your passion is not finding it at all.

key to find your passion

Again here you will think what the crap am I talking about just read little further you will get my point.

What you need to do is

Quit talking and start doing instead!

I KNOW you really been thinking How can I start doing if I don’t know where to start?

But in actual u can, the real life example which I will tell you now will clear all your doubts.

Remember when you were a child you just do things without even thinking about what’s its merits and demerits are. You spend all your day playing in the dirt, building sand castles and lot more you didn’t think about your clothes to get dirty or any other merits or demerits you just wanted to play and you play no one can stop you from playing.

Nobody told you to do it, you just did it. You were led merely by your curiosity and excitement. Whatever you wanted to do you just do it and if you hated doing something, you just stopped doing it. There was no guilt involved. There was no arguing or debate. You either liked it or not. For example, say you like chocolate ice-cream but someone is giving you vanilla ice-cream you will not take it not even if he gives you two of it because what you need is a chocolate ice-cream you didn’t give a shit about vanilla ice cream. At that time you always stick with your liking’s.

You were fully driven by your passion, not with some bullshit merit demerit advice given by the society, you always do what you wanted to do.

The creator of the world gives us superpowers which only human beings have. We have the power to do whatever drives us with passion. If you want to do something and thinking about it that you will start it someday with full preparations I can bet million dollars on that you will not be able to do it and you will regret that all your life.

As Lewis Carroll said “IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

The point being here is just to start doing it learning comes along with it. No one is perfect in the starting and no one starts something with a full bang until you are another “Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg” even they started minimally and grow along the way.

Make time your slave, start using it to your advantage, sit in your life’s plane and take off!! And when you really do share your story with me I would love to tell my readers about you.

In Short: I have broken some points for you

#1 Passion is a feeling and feelings change.

#2 Taking action on anything will open us new opportunities.

#3 Waiting for passion to strike is like voting for Trump and still thinking he will not win crap what did I just say! I mean whatever

#4 Success fuels passion more than passion fuels success.

#5 You already know what your passion is you’re just ignoring it.

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  1. Well i mostly disagree to your points on Why following your passion is a complete shitty advice?
    All i can say is you should definitely watch movie “TAMASHA” by Imtiaz Ali. And yeah no offense.

    • Alright lets see what perspective you have on these points! Everyone have a different reach towards their lives. I have already seen the movie and if you remember that the lead character in the movie was running all his life to complete his life story but when he stoped and entered the corporate world he was dying every day until in the end he again find out his passion..
      Do tell me about your view points i would love to hear your perspective hidden under your arms😄
      Maybe this talk can provide more value than the original article lets see

    • I agree that working around your passion brings us happiness. But around 90% (Even more than that) of the people don’t know their passion and they spend their entire time finding it. My point is simple that it’s not the thing which will give us happiness it’s the process of getting that thing. We need to start thinking about the process instead of the end point. We loose our passion towards the things we get easily but the thing we get by hustling and grinding every day will stay with us as our passion for our entire life. Now i am not saying work on a skill and get the job and hustle and grind there not at all. Work on yourself and build your own set of goals. Instead of siting and thinking about what’s our passion is start doing, gradually you will find your passion on the way. I will talk about it more in the upcoming article in detail with the example of my own blogging passion how i found it (soon). Thanks for stooping by and raising the question. Have a lovely day 😉 and stay tuned for the upcoming articles.

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