If I like a food, I’ll eat it, even if I know it’s not good for me.

If I like a food, I’ll eat it, even if I know it’s not good for me.

A few years back when someone gives me a Bitter-melon(Karela) to eat in lunch I was like Ahh! man take this thing away, I can’t eat this thing.
But one day I thought man lets try this out it can’t be that bad and when I tried it wasn’t that bad as I thought.
Slowly-slowly it becomes one of my favorite food items and you can’t believe that I even can eat them raw now.
Why I am telling you this story is because when we start believing in something our chances of liking that thing increases by 80%.

If I like a food, I’ll eat it, even if I know it’s not good for me
It’s our beliefs and values that make us do things that can’t be done.
So don’t think that your dreams are impossible to achieve. Start believing in your dream and work on it. One day you will achieve what you always desired.
Don’t lie down and blame your destiny, stand up and show destiny the middle finger.
Achieve your life’s worth. By just believing in your dream you have already reached half way of turning it into reality.

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  1. That is good inspiration. Taking the first step — bleieving in your self and your dream — is the first, giant, and very scary leap we have to take to start a new journey. Writing is a brave thing. Keep writing! (And I also like karela, sauteed with chinese eggplant, turmeric, chilis and salt. Yum!)

    • Haha😂 my mouth is full of water by just reading your last line😍. It’s really sounds yummy I will try it.
      Indeed the first step is the scariest and all the magic lies beyond that first step. Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a rock n’ roll day!😉😉

  2. My youngest nephew , 7 years old and I asked him to try new food in the restaurant . He is a picky eater. He refused and told me ” I will have 93 years to try whatever I want, I will have many times and not right now ! ” This little boy made me laugh big time 🙂

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