Do What You Want To Do But First Learn To accept Yourself.

Learn To accept yourself

Being yourself isn’t easy. You have pressure from society that you internalize as pressure from yourself.  Society  has  these  expectations  of  what  we  should  be  or  what  we  should  look  like.  We  are  told  we  need  to  be  doctors,  astronauts,  or  lawyers  and  bring  home  the  bacon.  As  kids  a  lot  of  these  expectations  are  instilled  in  us,  and  for  quite  some  time  you  live  your  life  comparing  yourself  to  these  expectation’s.

I  can’t  pinpoint  when  but  I’ve  got  to  the  point  where  I’ve  let  go of  these  expectations  implanted  in  me,  and  have  just  started  doing  what  I’ve  wanted.  I  don’t  need  to  be  rich  or  have  a  “powerful”  career  to  be  happy.  The  decisions  I  make  in  my  life  should  be  based  on  what  makes  me  happy,  not  what  I  think  I  should  be  doing.  Living  your  life  not  wanting  to  let  anyone  down,  might  sound  like  a  good  thing,  but  it’s  not.  You  might  make  decisions  that  your  parents  or  friends  might  not  approve  of,  but  ultimately  this  is  your  life.  If  you  are  doing  what  makes  you  happy,  then  you  should  do  it.  Hopefully  the  decision’s  you  are  making  bring  positivity  to  you  and  not  negativity.  If you don’t know what makes you happy then read my guide here to find your passion.

Learn to accept yourself

 have  never  thought  I  was  ugly  but  when  I  would  look  in  the  mirror  I  wasn’t  necessarily  jumping  up  and  down  about  my  looks.  But  recently  I  looked  at  myself  and  smiled,  I  am  not  too  shabby.  This  is  what  I  look  like,  and  I  should  love  it.  Love your body. If you are not happy with your body, it shouldn’t be  because  you  are  comparing  yourself  to  anyone  else  but  because  you  want  to  improve  yourself.  You  have  the  right  to  improve  yourself,  but  only  do  it  for  yourself.

I  am  who  I  am,  and  I  am  who  looks  back  in  the  mirror.  Not  being  happy  with  yourself  will  only  lead  to  a  bitter  life.  Why can’t I look like so-and-so?  Why can’t I be a millionaire?  I  hope  you  have  already  taken  control  of  your  life,  or  will  soon  get  to  the  point  where  you  realize  that  the  decision’s  you  make  should  be  made  for  you. Life is too short to not live it for yourself.

Share your story in the comments below and make me a promise that from today onward you will accept yourself and live the life on your own terms.

Hi! I’m Vinay, a twenty-something Blogger who is just trying to inspire people to live happier. As someone who's riding the roller coaster of life with his partner loneliness, my goal here is to show you that there's light at the end of any struggle and to be your bff...even if it is just virtually! (: So grab your cup of coffee, Gin! (or some wine!) and let's get chatting...


  1. This is what really matters one should know himself and at last should be affected by the judgment of the person himself, should not be affected by the judgments of other because different people have different opinions!!!!
    So start believing in you and accept what you are!!
    Nice work keep doing it bud!!!

    • No one has the right to tell you how to act or who to be. By living the life the way you want we get to create and enjoy the bliss by our own hand…I am glad by your visit..
      Thank you for sharing your thought… buddy!! 🙂

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