It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy


Sometimes we need to think out of the box and live the unconventional way. We are not built to do tasks and take orders that are the work of robots, not humans.

Living under someone else tree’s shadow may sound good for some time but to grow we need to build our own branches.

Start hustling and grinding, build your own venture around your passion, stop thinking about Am I Ready? instead, start asking Am I Willing?  because you’re never gonna be ready

Start doing work today, because tomorrow is for losers.

Hi! I’m Vinay, a twenty-something Blogger who is just trying to inspire people to live happier. As someone who's riding the roller coaster of life with his partner loneliness, my goal here is to show you that there's light at the end of any struggle and to be your bff...even if it is just virtually! (: So grab your cup of coffee, Gin! (or some wine!) and let's get chatting...


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