Independence Day

What it sounds like? Some d-day or some judgment day? Yes, it indeed is and even more than that.
 Independence Day means that some country and its people declaring itself free from imperialism, colonialism. 4th July 1776, 1st July 1867 and 15th August 1947 are not just dates for America, Canada, and India respectively but are when they declared their independence from the British empire (and got higher powers within the British empire.
This was not a one day process but a lot many years took to attain this day. If we take an example of America, it was around 1600s when British laid the first step there and same in India too. Gradually they started capturing cities and making them their colonies (from Virginia to Georgia) and in India, it was started little later here when Mughals got weak and Britishers (east India company) were able to get rid of other foreigner powers with same mindsets. And finally after the battles of Plassey and Buxar, they were able to lay their foundation here on a golden land and over the period of time gradually power shifted from East India Company to Britishers directly(direct rule).

So many causes led to an American revolution like economic, political, sociocultural. A few examples are – mercantilism policy, derogatory acts etc. And last but not the least rise of revolutionary ideas. This was the foremost cause among all, we all have seen how this idea brought renaissance, reformation, enlightenment, and age of inventions and discoveries. All these factors lead to the revolution which brought them independence. Leaders like “George Washington”, “John Adams”, “Thomas Paine” etc. All visionaries spread these ideas of freedom, equality, unity, a powerful nation and a nation without any outer influence.

Finally, these ideas and efforts of all founding fathers of U.S they declared their independence and after few years of struggle and war, finally general Cornwallis prostrate and it became an independent country.
On the other hand, contemporary period in India when U.S was attaining Independence, Britishers here were trying to make a strong hold, the same person who prostrated there, here he would come and became a father of police reforms later, whereas the U.S chose a path of arms, aggression contrarily India chose a path of peace and non violence to attain Independence though a few freedom fighters chose a path of revolution, arms but at the end all the forces combined together and strived for its Independence, after “Do or Die” slogan of “Mahatma Gandhi”, founding father of India also known as father of India it had been attained within 5 years ..
Now it has been 70 years of independence and we are celebrating 71st Independence day. No doubt India has become a powerful nation, a great country of values, culture where all multi ethnic, cultural, linguistic people can be seen but at the same, it has to do a lot more as still there are so many problems which it has been facing. Trying to remove all of them from the roots, in the journey of this last 70 years we have seen so many ups and downs, from crisis to pinnacles, from Olympic gold medals to no medals at times, from holding world cup to getting knocked out at very first round of cricket, from winning Oscar to not getting even a single movie nominated, from national emergency to boom in Indian economy despite of world crises, from a defeat to winning wars, from communal clashes to communal harmony etc. So many incidents have come but no external or internal factor had been able to break its integrity, unity and (one thing is for sure no-one will be) …
This democracy, constitution is not just nomenclature these are more than
that these are living legends, we need to learn from this and work over it and inculcate values and need to work together against this patriarchal mindset we know till these elements are present we can’t call us ourselves independent but if we can’t see our future and change it but we can do one thing that is changing our habits that will itself lead to change in future where we can see utopian society.
Happy independence day to all my dear friends. So finally this day comes which we all waited 70 years ago and even same feelings are still with us, this Independence Day is not memorizing us of our freedom fighters, our martyrs but also reminding us the values, their vision which they had seen for an independent nation and left on us for carrying those values but now few elements are trying to fading those values but we won’t let that happen we will not let them win this. It’s our nation and we have the pride to call Indian and we are proud to be Indian.
#lets pledge of making this nation free from patriarchy
Character of an individual can influence character of society n character of society influence character of nation
So don’t demand from nation what it can do for us but ask us what we can do for our nation.
Be that one what we want to see in others. #So it’s time to change.
India is about Unity (Ekta), Civilization (Sabhyata) and Peace (Shanti) …
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The article was written by my childhood friend and an IAS aspirant Binit Goyal.
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