Live life on your own damn terms manifesto

Live life on your terms

The internet is flooded with the advice of living life on your own damn terms. Every day you use social media & read motivational stories of some kids who are rocking the world with their startups, earning tons from it & lives a nomadic life which you only dream about. I know you got jealous of them and even want to start your own ventures but what you really do is just think, do gossips on it, change your what’s app statuses & even searching the internet for some cool ideas. But what happened next day are you doing your same old job which you hate and don’t give a damn about your passion. Let’s change this today & take our dreams seriously, read further if you are really interested in living your life on your own damn terms and don’t give a shit about social rules.

How to live life on your own damn terms?

There are two paths for us to choose in our life:-

#1 To sit at home waiting for the opportunity to knock and watch other people living the life which you only dream about.

#2 Trust yourself, find your passion and turn it into reality.


Coming straight to the point I know it’s going to tough, really tough, maybe it will bring the hell out of you, or you may gonna lost in your path, or find yourself alone in every stage of it. But isn’t that life really is, it’s gonna beat you several times, chew you up and spit you out like a chewing gum. But at least you will be doing it for your goals, your dreams, not for someone else’s.

Live the life beyond your beliefs, beak the rules society has imposed on you.

This is your life, only you going to make the rules, not the bullshit society.

I don’t think you have to go to college and graduate between four years & then struggle to a desk job or a further MBA degree to climb the corporate ladder or anything just because this is what everyone does. There are whole lots of opportunities out there; you just need to be persistent and passionate towards your goal.

Your life is your masterpiece and you are the painter.

Before jumping further I want you to ask yourself that whatever you really want to do in life, you’re doing this because of some social pressure?, Or are you avoiding doing what you’re really passionate about out of fear that you’ll fail?

Don’t let social rules dictate how you live your life, and don’t let fear keep you from giving life your best shot.

Thoughts which will challenge your way of thinking.

#1 People are doing things which they don’t really enjoy, to pay the bills of unnecessary things, so that they can do what they like on the weekends. If that’s what you really want then my friend you don’t need to read further and if you want more? You have to prioritize your passions over your comfort, stick towards your goals and build the empire you just dreamed off.

#2 Technology has taken a vast turn. Today you can work from anywhere just with your laptop and the freaking internet which is easily available anywhere. Don’t think about job security it’s a total bullshit soon world of automation is going to come and most of you will lose your jobs. So learn some skills which are available at free of cost on the internet, Build your personal brand and keep up your reputation online even if you are doing your current job.

#3 Even though everybody seems to do it, there is no law that says you have to play by the rules or follow the crowd. Your time here on this earth is a finite resource, precious short—That’s up to you how will you choose to spend it?

#4 Theis picture will speak it all.

Thoughts on live life on your own terms

Steps to living your life on your own damn terms.


Step 1. Find the bull’s eye.

Because to aim the bull’s eye you need to find it first.

Don’t quit your current job just to be in another mess which you don’t really like. What’s the benefit of being your own boss if every morning you have to drag your ass out of your bed and crawl towards your laptop?

Spend time in finding and building your passion, if you don’t know how to find it see my guide here, don’t hurry up, it’s not a world war 3 you are fighting about.

Step 2. Make a bucket list and actively knock items off.

This is the most necessary step if you skip this one then there will be no difference in your living or existing.

I know what you are doing, building your career for better life, studying day and night to get a degree and then working more to clear an interview and after that working even harder to make your boss happy so that you can go on vacations and fulfill your dreams later.

But the one thing you didn’t know is that “later” never going to come and when your time is going to end on this beautiful earth you will regret every decision you want to take but never took, because of the fear running in your nerves, you going to regret the trips you didn’t took, because you were working on a project, the time you didn’t spend with your family and friends, because you were working for your boss’s dream. Believe me don’t waste this gift of GOD “life”.

As Benjamin P.Hardy said “Build your life around your ambitions not your ambitions around your life”.

Start building the list of the things you want to do before dying.

Think that you have 4 years of life left in your pocket. What would you do with those 4 years?

And when you are done building your list start doing things from it because you aren’t going to live forever.

As Professor Harold Hill has said — “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.”


Do share your bucket list with me at [email protected]

And even you can share your stories I would love to publish it for my readers.

Step 3. Don’t care so much about what others think. They are going to think anyway.

Step 4. Start building your venture.

I know in starting the very thought of finding an idea to launch your own business is scary. It’s gonna haunt you like a ghost.

As others said finding an idea is a process not a light bulb moment.

In the beginning, everything seems dark, but after a couple of hours, you will start getting ideas. The more you think the more ideas you will get.

Step 5. Persistence and patience are the keys to success.

No one is going to be a millionaire overnight. The Internet is flooded with lots of books, articles, and blueprints which will promise you the bigger success.

Like “My 4 hour a day routine working online and earning $162546 per month without doing anything”.

This is all crappy little piece of shit because what they tell you is that treasure is out there on the internet but they will not give the map of treasure. I am not saying that you cannot earn online this much, you can and you really can but not that easy as it sounds.

You need to work hard for it, it will not going to happen in a snap of a finger.

It’s a complete process, sometimes you feel like you’re on the seventh cloud and everything is going awesome, another time you will feel like shit or you fail at some points.

But if stay focused towards your goal you will definitely get success in the end.

Step 6. The biggest cause of failure.

Reading motivational articles like this one and get back to your daily routines.

This is the biggest cause of failure.

There is saying that even pouring a single drop of water can fill the ocean definitely it will take time but with every drop, you pour you get closer to build your ocean.

Doesn’t matter what your dream is, there is always something you can do today. Even if it is a tiny task but at least you will get started and soon doing small-small tiny tasks you will build your dream come true.

Step 7 Sign this manifesto.

My mission with this manifesto is simple to inspire you enough so that you can live your life on your terms.

My motto is simple. I want you to do what you love to do, to live how you want to be and become the person you always dream about. I want you to take action and stop dreaming.

Why Sign this manifesto? What is it all about?

  1. It’s about waking up and smelling the tacos.

  2. It’s about choosing who you want to be.

  3. It’s about waking up and making volitional choices on how to act and what to believe.

  4. It’s about understanding what you believe and holding those beliefs without guilt or apologies.

  5. It’s about understanding the value of your life and how important it is that you spend the finite time that you have on this planet doing what you love.

  6. It’s about realizing that if you spend your time here doing what makes you smile, it will result in making everyone around you smile.

  7. It’s about walking a path down a road of your choosing with a conscious understanding of what every footstep means to you and your life.


So are you ready to sign this manifesto?

Download this manifesto, print and paste it on your wall.

This will change the way you think and even increase your work productivity.

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