Guest Post – Friendship Goals

Friendship Goals

Let’s Talk About Friendship

Who is a friend? Who is a loyal friend? Who is your friend?A friend is anyone who you knew quite well and a person that both of you have the mutual love for each other, and it’s possible that you’re not of the same family, creed, culture, and you may be older or younger to the person. There are several types of friends, among them are the companion, honest confidant, friends like a sibling, the neighborhood friend, chat mate, colleague and lots more.
I will explain the three types of friends that you will meet during your life journey. The first type is friends like leaves of the tree, second is friends like branches of the tree, and third are friends like roots of the tree. Below, I will explain them in detail, one after the other.

#1 Friends like leaves of the tree

They will only be with you for a brief period, but they are not reliable, and you can’t ridicule or judge their behaviors, as they are not strong and durable, they are just meant to be in your life for a brief period, to give you shelter as the leaves does to a tree.Most of them came to you because of what they need from you, and they will surely fall off during a brief wind, but you can’t be angry at them; that is just who they are.

Friendship goals

#2 Friends like branches of the tree

These Friends are stronger and durable than the leaves, but you must be careful around them. They are committed to be with you for a lengthy period, and they seem to stick with you in all circumstances you’re facing, but they tend to fall off during a strong storm, and you may not see them again. You can’t totally rely on these people as well, even though they are durable than those like leaves, but they can’t withstand adversity, also you can’t be angry at them; that’s just who they are.

Friends like branches of the tree

#3 Friends like roots of the tree

These types of Friends are rare to come by in life, but if you are fortunate to have one in your life, you are well-off. These Friends don’t show-off, they are honest and dependable, also they are not swindlers. Their responsibility is to guide and support you in all possible ways, even during adversity they will be there for you. They will support your progress and be delighted by your success and development in life. Their core onus is to establish you and support your development, and they will truly love you for who you are.
As a tree usually has many leaves and branches, the root of a tree is not much, and it’s usually hidden. That’s why friends like the root are rare to come by, perhaps you can meet them anywhere; because of this, you must have positive thoughts about people, never look down on anyone and be kind to people, as you might not know who is observing you or your behavior.

Relationship Goals
Your friend must be a good role model, trustworthy, lenient, loving, non-judgmental, and encouraging. Make sure you choose your friend carefully and have it in mind that not everyone will like you. You may not find a person like you as a friend, there may be differences between you and your friend, but it doesn’t matter, what is important is to make sure you have a friend like a root of the tree; and don’t choose many friends.
Quality over quantity always, your relationship goal is to have someone who motivates you and bring out the potentials you’re not seeing in yourself. Once you found that person, stick with that person and be a great friend to that person as well; a great relationship is built on love, trust, and care.

My only relationship goal is having someone who will motivate me and bring out the potentials I’m not seeing in myself. By Ajibola

I believe we are born to be happy and endowed with unlimited potentials to achieve greater goals in life. So, I post articles to inspire and motivate people to be happy and think positively, in order to experience wonderful and fulfilled life. Ajibola is my name and I am the owner of a blog named ‘Inspirational Motivation’.


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