Living and working in Wanderlust: the rise of the “digital nomad”

digital nomads

When we were child, we didn’t think about growing up and getting a job in a cubical. Instead we dream about “flying airplanes and spaceships.” You might be surprised to hear that many of today’s jobs need nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. You will get all the freedom you always wanted. It’s not quite space travel, but it gives your inner adventurer a chance to stretch his or her legs and really see the world.

Fed up with spending the 9 to 5 in a stuffy office? Just pack your Mac and follows the trend for extreme remote working.

The Movement of location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees is speeding up all over the world.
All this technology made the dream of every person come alive. Now you can travel anywhere around the world and earn while traveling.
This means that soon there will be more and more people in each country working on the road or from anywhere.
Before starting my Blah! Blah! Talk… Let’s see what does the term digital nomad means.

Who are digital nomads and what does this term means?

These people don’t have an office. They aren’t locked into a 9-5 schedule. And you can find them at co-working spaces, coffee shops, and AirBnB rentals all over the world.

They might work on the beach. They might work on a plane. Many of them just work from home.

Who are these people? They’re digital nomads.

They are freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, or employees whose work is accomplished remotely via the internet.

Some are world travelers, but others just want the freedom and flexibility to spend their time where and how they wish.

In simple words a digital nomad is someone who doesn’t have a fixed address home and travels while working online and making money at the same time. A digital nomad lifestyle is an excellent way to experience extended travel without having to look for jobs at physical locations, or pause travel to get a job to fund your adventure.

To sum it up: No Home + Travel + Remote Work = Digital Nomad

Why I choose to be a digital nomad?

The message below by global degree will give you an answer.

Earlier I have shown a video by them here but as they have deleted the video due to some social issues or whatever, I am providing the words said in the video. those who have watched the video can understand how lucky they are. that video has crossed millions of views in just four days i hope they post it back but as if know just read the letter.

 Dear Older Generations—we’re sorry.

We know you wanted us to attend a 4-year college with honors, to become a doctor or a lawyer and to settle down with a family and kids.

We wanted to make you proud, but the truth is, we’re tired of the pressure to conform to society’s outdated standards. We don’t want to waste away in an office cubicle, and we don’t want to spend our lives paying off debt.

We want to make a difference. We want to contribute to something meaningful, and we want to live our lives in our own way.

We don’t run on a schedule—we are spontaneous, in tandem with life. We seize the moment, because we recognize the most precious resource is not the dollar, but time.

Instead of learning out of a textbook, we want to learn by experience. We question what we’ve been taught, because we know one perspective is only a fraction of the truth. We want to form our own opinions, and the only way we can do that is to see for ourselves…

Which is why we travel.

it’s essential to recognize our desire to complete work on own time, in our own place. “Either way the work will be done on time,”  “Otherwise, you have the right to fire us.”

While work may look differently for us, the common claim that we are lazy simply isn’t true. We may not understand the difference between working from an office or from a castle in Italy, where I am writing this to you, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get the job done.

this is the short message that video delivered.

I think this message makes you pretty much clear why I choose to be a DIGITAL NOMAD.

Digital Nomad is not a phrase or a word given to some travelers it’s a movement against the old dead life working in a cubical merely existing.

There is no difference between us and zombies.

We are living like them. We wake up, carry out habits and go to sleep, only to wake up and do it again. You exist but do you feel alive.

If you think its bullshit than you are too old to understand that.

We are living in a survival mode. Fighting systems we don’t fit within, working in jobs we don’t always believe in, constantly buying things we don’t really need, surrounded by people who keep us small, and all the while trying to keep the belief that there’s something more or something better for us just around the corner.

This is not life and this is not why GOD created you. Think about it, you have eyes which can see the stars in the sky, you have foots by using them you can go anywhere, you have brains who can dream. Then why are you wasting this gift of GOD by just sitting in a cubical and working for someone who can yell at you all the time.

Why the boring lifestyle when you have so much options around you all you need is just the vision which I will give you and the guts to do what your heart says you to do. Just close your eyes and listen to your heart you will get what I am talking about.

I know you are falling in love with this term till now but to make you decide properly let me tell you pros and cons about the life of a digital nomad.

Advantages of being a Digital Nomad.

As said by Florence Collins and various other nomads…

  1. Freedom from the Rat Race.

First and the most important advantage of a digital nomad lifestyle Is that it allows you freedom from 9 to 5. No more shirts and ties, 6 am alarm clocks, boardroom meetings or lunches at your desk. You’ll be your own boss, making your own decisions and working in a way that is most productive, efficient and fulfilling for you.

  1. Is Fun.

When you are a digital nomad the fun is unlimited.

Whether it’s skiing, surfing, scuba diving or rock climbing – you can set yourself up in the perfect spot so that you can enjoy amazing activities when the working day is done. Or before it begins, or half-way through!


Are you a moonlight-fueled loony who gets a sudden burst of energy around midnight? Or are you at your best – exclusively – after breakfast but before lunch? Get to know your energy patterns, and build your routine around them.

  1. It will Awaken you.

This is not in reference to a religious awakening, but related to breaking free of the everyday mundane. You don’t have to take the same bus every day at the same time with the same people on that bus. Being a nomad you will always filled with the spark

  1. Gives you the freedom to redefine yourself.

The brilliant part of breaking from free from the constraints of a “normal life” is that it gives you that freedom to become who you want to be. No longer do you have expectations of people, society or even yourself limiting what you are able to achieve or choose to do in your life. As a Nomad you have the ability to travel the world and with each new location you get to, you are able to redefine yourself and start from scratch. Try something new. Take a risk. Do something you never thought you would do – be you.

  1. You will create your own life story filled with excitement.
  2. In simple words digital nomad is a life hack.

You can do whatever you want to do and wherever you want to do. What else anyone needs.

The dark side of the digital nomad.

As you know nothing comes without the cons so before you jump into the conclusion read the cons to.

  1. Loneliness.

Most of the times you will be alone dealing with your chosen shit. You can’t ignore this fact and if this fears you than maybe working from home or cubical is good for you. But there is a hack for this con too. You can ask your friend or partner to join you in this. But if loneliness doesn’t scare you enough and traveling is your dream then Digital nomadism is like a gift given directly by GOD to you.

  1. It’s not for forever.

You also need to keep in mind that this lifestyle is not going to last forever! At some point of life you definitely want to build a home or live with your family, having some children but that doesn’t mean you cannot have that, it’s just your choice to travel or not. It’s doesn’t going to affect your work.

  1. Finding Wi-Fi.

Internet is your first priority because you cannot survive with that so this definitely going to bring you Goosebumps sometimes.

  1. Your family or friends might not understand you.

Nobody understands what you’re doing. Your family might think you’re in a “phase”. Your friends probably won’t make the effort to stay in touch when you’re halfway around the world and have little in common – sad but true. Many companies, including Amazon, will not ship outside the country your credit card billing address is in. There are many businesses you may have to deal with, as a contractor, who need a home address, or for you to pick up something in person. These are all things you have to deal with as a digital nomad – is it worth it? I think yes

In short your struggle will include.

  1. Balancing relationships.
  2. Loneliness and starting over.
  3. Travel Burnout.
  4. Developing the tools, strategy & drive to be successful over the long-term.

If you still think that this lifestyle is for you then Welcome I am with you and don’t worry about all the research and how to’s. I am here to handle that and soon will give all the details and step by step guide in my next articles.

I will not care if I’m alone on the shore struggling and hustling.

Because this is what my soul craves for, this is my calling; I am going to do it no matter what it took.

If you are in and want to ask anything drop a comment below or through me email at {[email protected]}

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    • Thank you for your wishes Transparent Being. I’m finding my way out to reach to my dream goal. As there are no proper steps out there to become a digital nomad for a non-tech person. I’m testing and trying various ways and building the road-map for others so that they will not face the problems I”m facing.
      Traveling and meeting new people is such a beauty in itself. 🙂 Good luck for your dreams and goals too. And don’t just wish work for it, you will find a way out to travel where ever you want.
      Have a great day!!!

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