The Calling – Forget about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter


At the time of our graduation we are on the 9th cloud. A lot’s of thoughts come into the mind that we are going to live the life we always wanted, a sexy job with a big paycheck, in a big city, a beautiful apartment with a pool, parties on the weekends Blah! Blah! Blah! And lot more.

But soon life happens and it turns us upside down.

We got nothing but left alone with just single piece of paper with red ribbon which says that you are graduated, no sexy job, no big paychecks, no apartment’s with pool, no weekend parties and the worst part everyone around you is going to ask you one big question “What you are up to?” maybe the wordings will be different but the meaning will be same.

During the time of the graduation there is always something you wanted to do. Some of you as I told earlier expected a job and some wants to join home business and some like me want to start a business with friends so that the never lasting fun will change into fun all the time but all these dreams are going to shattered but at that time we didn’t know that.

Then we left for our homes alone telling each other a small deadline after which you are going to do what you have thought of. Like many things, the first few days back are exciting and pleasurable, as the true reality of your situation is hidden under layers of home-cooked meals, clean rooms, laundry services and much more.

Then the novelty wears off and your presence is no longer celebrated with toasts and praises and you get tired of the forced homemade meals.

Now you’re just another kid living under your parents’ roof and they expect certain things. They will treat you exactly how they did when you were a juvenile high schooler, yet expect more from you because you are now a college graduate.

“Now you are not a king of your castle just another kid who want to hide his feelings.”

Soon that the deadline you expected will end and none of your friends are going to show up because they got busy in other things like, some are busy hustling to find a job, some already got the job but don’t have time to talk to you, some are studying for bigger exams (GMAT, Gate etc.) & the most important some got a gf and busy talking to them day and night. Don’t smile though it’s a truth.

Now the era of finding your true calling begins. At that time you did the most obvious thing which anyone will do asking the “Google or Siri what to do?” and after lots of articles you got at one point “follow your passion

I will not go any further the Blah! Blah! Talk

This Is kind of the story of today’s graduate or me.

It took me year to properly find out what I wanted with my life dogging that question “What you are up to?” Lots of things happen during this period, I even sometimes lose hope but never stopped fighting with my self.

As a result of that today I know :-

  1. What I need to do?

Ans is I am going to become a digital nomad (going to talk about it in detail in further articles). Now don’t smile if you know what it is. I know it’s tough but I am going to do it no matter what it took. If you don’t know what it is don’t need to search on google will give all the details in the upcoming article.

  1. With whom I need to do it?

Ans is Maybe Ghosts because in reality no one is going to help you out in your quest until you find out the Roadmap to success.

  1. How I do it?

Ans is That’s what I am going to figure it out now.

From now on I will share everything with my readers about my calling digital nomadism.

Day and night I am researching on this topic even going to invest my savings on some courses though. Will share the complete Roadmap to become digital nomad soon.

Will definitely tell you why I choose this and why you need to choose this to in my upcoming articles.

If you have any questions feel free to talk to me and if you have a story to tell I will happy to post it here for my readers.

Watch this video below to find out your calling I know it’s little off-board but it can really clear your thoughts out.

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog today!
    i just checked out your blog! i find this article is totally relatable as i’ll be graduating next year and still trying to figuring everything out!
    can’t wait to see where your calling will take you!

    • working on my calling day and night, tough path for a non-tech person, but will soon build a path for everyone if it works out with step by step guides write here on my website :).. Glad to see you here
      Good luck for your graduation and blog..
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting..
      Have a lovely day:)

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