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Watch out how a new blog grows

Good morning, Folks!

Wow, it’s September already, unbelievable right? I don’t know about you but for me, August has just rushed by like a high-speed roller-coaster or something.

I hope your August was better than mine. It wasn’t that bad for me either, It’s just I didn’t put that much efforts towards my blog that I thought off. But it’s time to put August into dust and bring my excitement for my blog to another level. 

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I know! I know! A question is popping up in your mind that:

Why the heck I am even sharing my goals on my blog?

I’m sharing them to give you an insight on how a new blog grows in this competitive blogosphere. It’s not like you can start a blog and get rich by a quick snap of your fingers. Blogging is tough and promoting your blog is even harder.

Don’t worry I’m not going to freak you out. It’s just if we work on our blog consistently and strategically we can make it reach to next level every freaking month!

I want to inspire you to start your own blog and along with that I also want to aware of the work that goes into it before you see some big results.

So before diving further into my September goals, let me show you how well I did in August!

August Goals Recap

If you want to know what my August goals were, you can check it here.

Personal goals


#1 Read 2 books this month: Failed, I only read one book in August “The Alchemist” & I seriously loved it. It’s definitely worth a read. If you haven’t read it yet go get it here.

#2 Fitness Goals: Failed Miserably,  It’s really tough to control your food cravings especially when you’re working late night on your blog.

#3 Decluttering: As I’m thinking to buy a new laptop so I put my laptop decluttering on hold.

#4 Figure out your life and take some hard career decisions: Still working on it. Ahh, man taking career decisions is seriously a pain in the head.

#5 Meditation: As far this is the only personal goal I got success in.


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Blogging Goals

#1  Post at-least twice a week:  I got success in this. Published 12 articles including this one in August and 3 guest articles. Below are some most popular articles of this month.

  1. Everything changes when nothing’s changing80 views, 29 likes & 15 comments.
  2. Personal & Blogging Goals – August 201768 views, 29 likes & 11 comments.
  3. Cruel Love39 views, 30 likes & 11 comments.
  4. I’M A QUITTER…33 views, 26 likes & 6 comments.

Other posts also performed well but can’t put all of them here right.

#2 Gain 200 blog followers: Failed but not failed. I have got 115 followers this month which is really good for me. Looking further to build a relationship with all of them in this upcoming month.

#3 Twitter: Not only I succeeded in this, I got 2x followers than what I expected. Happy to get 266 followers on twitter. You can check out my twitter account here.

#4 Need to start making a little money through this blog: As my milestone was to achieve 1$ in this month from my blog which may sound funny and I know this 1$ is nothing but at-least I started earning from my blog.


  1. Google Adsense: 1.24$

Haha, don’t smile now…..even I’m smiling but you can’t smile 🙂 🙂

#5 Monthly Blog Views: Failed. I do get better views than last month as you can see in the graph below but not what I expected. I definitely need to work on my views count this month.

lifebeyondbeliefs.comThat’s the screen shot from my WordPress stats. I do need to surpass the 2000 threshold value this month. Eagerly waiting to put that much efforts into my blog so that I can turn these monthly views into daily views :)

#6 Read at-least 10 blog posts every day from other users: Success. Reading from other bloggers really helps me out in my personal or mental growth.

#7 Build at-least two genuine blogger friends at the end of the month: I have been interacting with other blogger’s, but I haven’t become as close to them yet.  HOWEVER, I am still working on this because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there. Building a trustworthy friendship with others is not as easy as I thought, it will definitely gonna take me some time.

August wasn’t as successful as I had hoped but I got a good many things accomplished. It’s time to try again with a whole new list.

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September Goals – 2017

September 2017 Blogging Goals

Happy September Loves! September is finally here and that makes my heart really happy. Why? Well, because it’s Autumn! It’s my favorite season, though I love winters more 🙂

Ahh!! Before I start my chirp chap, Let’s straight dive straight into the September blogging goals.

Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals


#1 Try to keep up my 2 posts/week schedule: This month I will work more on my post quality rather than quantity. Will try to produce longer and in depth articles.

#2 Get 60 blog followers: Last month I targeted 200 blog followers and received 115 but that consumes my entire time. So this month I want to interact with my followers and will work on building the relationship with them rather than spending time on getting the new ones. I also want to discuss the shady things happening inside the blogosphere which I have noticed but will discuss in another article. Stay tuned for that.

#3 I need to figure out the whole social media thing: As I am not that active on social media but trying to be active on it. Last month I used twitter and got a really good response so this month I will put more efforts on Twitter and also include Pinterest into my game.

I haven’t used Pinterest so will do the entire research on it.

  1. Gain 200 followers on Twitter: Will apply some twitter strategies let’s see what works or what’s not.
  2. Gain 50 followers on Pinterest: As I’m new to Pinterest so will only target 50 followers.
  3. Work on my Instagram: I didn’t like what I was doing earlier on my Instagram so deleted my entire posts and will work on it from the beginning.

I don’t want any shady things for my any social media accounts so I will only get followers organically.

As buying followers on social media accounts is a hot topic these days but for me, it’s like cheating yourself with those numbers. It’s not a game that you can download a cheated version and enjoy without putting many efforts into it. What’s the benefit of having those fake followers?… If you just want to brag about your social media following then go “Buy” and have fun. I want to have only those followers who like whatever I’m doing.

#4 Earn money from my blog: Last month I earned 1.24$ funny right. This month will work on it and let’s target 5$. I know it’s funny but as my focus is currently on other things rather than earning money from my blog. But my next month target would surely be 100$ if everything goes right.

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#5 Break the 2000 monthly views threshold value: This month I want to target 3K monthly views almost double than last month. I know this goal is going to make the pain in my head but it does need to be achieved.

#6 Will continue reading 10 blog posts every-day from other bloggers: As it is really helping me out to improve myself and my blogging too.

#7 Will try to build relationships with other bloggers and also try to get a blog-buddy, you know what I mean: Hey if you’re a blogger and reading this we can have a little chit chat in the comment box or on  twitter and even you can email me at [email protected]

If everything goes at the right pace, I may change it mid month, but this is the plan for now.

Hopefully, I’ll look back on this blog post one day and laugh at what a silly new blogger I was. Until then, I’ll solve the mysteries of social media one platform at a time.

I’m even thinking to show you complete behind the blog scenario next month if I achieved these goals.


Does sharing my goals helps or Does it strikes any of your chords? Do tell me in comments… So that I get to know whether I need to continue this series here or not.

Also, if you found this helpful do share this article to others. Thanks for your love…

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  1. It does help! So keep making these kinds of posts! It makes me think of what I can aim for and it inspires me to tackle my own goals! Also, glad you read the Alchemist! That is one of my favorite books, and it was one of the reasons that helped me choose “Natalie’s Alchemy”. 😀
    Good luck with this month on your goals!

    Natalie |

    • 🙂 Hey Natalie, that’s what I was looking for. I was actually kind off thinking weather posting goals will help my viewers or not. Glad to hear that it helps you somehow. Will publish more insights next month.
      Also I wanna say, I loved this book. It was my first read and it really makes me to go buckle up and focus on my craft. I love the way the author has described the story really impressive.
      Thanks for your wishes.
      Good luck to you too. Hope we will both target our goals this month.
      Have a great day Natalie… 🙂

  2. Hey man congrats! I see huge amount of success here. you should be jumping and dancing…I see you also learned a lesson about taking smaller steps.

    I think it is great you found time to meditate that is one of things i did the least .

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hello, Cathi, Nice to see you. Liked the title of your blog.
      OK so here is the thing, first of all, you need to figure out whom you wanna target on social media.
      For Instagram, 1. Use good pictures with engaging captions.
      2. Use hashtags according to your targeted audience. You can use 30 hashtags on a single post.
      This will help a lot and if you are active on this platform than commenting on pictures you like will also help.
      For Twitter, 1. You need to actually follow others to get follow backs. This is the thing I hate about it, but until you became a kind of known personality you need to do this.
      2. Be active for a while every day to check others tweets and reply to them.
      Upload your own tweets sometimes.
      3. Use an app to see who’s following you or who’s not.
      This will help.
      For any other help, you can contact me anytime…
      Have a great day Cathi!!!

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