Being Alone


I love interacting with people because I love hearing their life stories and knowing pieces of their lives which I believe can help me grow as a much better individual.

But as much as I love that, I also love being alone.

Sometimes, I prefer being on my own. Alone in my room armed with my pen, paper and a very light music. Sometimes i feel more secured when i am alone because i don’t need to worry about how i act, express my thoughts and opinions and whatsoever. Especially, I don’t have to bother about hurting someone else because of my acts and words. of course, I wouldn’t talk to myself aloud, I’m just doing it in my head. I am not afraid that they will call me MAD when they get to know that i love being alone.

Being alone is more comfortable than being with somebody because I can do everything I want without any worries and doubts. But what I love most about being alone? It is when I am very free to intellectual. I am able to think as much as I want whenever I am on my own unlike when I’m with someone. There is a hindrance and obstruction in my way of thinking.

Whenever I am alone, I can see every aspects and angels of my life. i am able to deliberate well such as why this and that happened, what shall I do if these specific instances happen and whatsoever.

Whenever I am alone, I can understand myself better and better. i can really figured out who i am, what kind of person/personality I have and what kind of life I am living.

But as the old saying goes, ‘No Man Is An Island‘ I know for a fact that i can’t survive this crucial life if I’ll always be on my own, of course, i need to interact with others, I just want to share the other half of me as person and the most suitable way i found to do this is blogging. I want to build my community here.
I don’t know why I love being alone so much.

Whats your thoughts on this? Do you love being alone? or am I the only mad person here?

Hi! I’m Vinay, a twenty-something Blogger who is just trying to inspire people to live happier. As someone who's riding the roller coaster of life with his partner loneliness, my goal here is to show you that there's light at the end of any struggle and to be your bff...even if it is just virtually! (: So grab your cup of coffee, Gin! (or some wine!) and let's get chatting...


  1. Vinay, you aren’t mad for loving to be alone. Awhile ago, I loved being alone. It was the time where I could be most creative. I could come up with paintings, poetry, or stories. I haven’t been able to be alone for awhile though because of depression, but I’m finding myself forced to come to like it again. I want to get to the place where you are.

    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Inspiration

    • Thanks @Nataliesalchemy for being here on the right time, I can understand the depression and the forced part, it comes to us a lots of time, but once we cope up with this loneliness our problems run away. You can get to that place whenever you want. There will be a chaos inside your head in starting but silence will come along the way. Thanks again!! You can always connect to me at my email ([email protected] ). Have a lovely life 🙂

  2. These are all good reasons to want to be alone. I think that solitude is necessary from time to time. As adults, we need to learn how to be alone and enjoy the company of our thoughts. Being surrounded by people is great, but if one doesn’t become comfortable with loneliness, then one will always feel lonely, even when surrounded by crowds of people. Great post, mate!

    • That’s what happens to me most of the time. I feel more lonely in the crowd of selfish people and feel much better when i am actually alone in my room. Solitude has it’s own power. One can always go beyond their imagination when they are alone. Solitude is independence and the space in which our soul revolves. It provides the real peace to me. Thanks for always being present here for me and providing your meaningful perspective. Have a lovely day friend 🙂

    • Introvert such an beautiful word and when this word combines with solitude it creates an air in which we introverts breath. Thanks @esorenneiluj25 for stopping by and commenting. By the way nice blog you have specially the journal part will go through it soon. Enjoy the life good luck and have a lovely day. 😉

  3. I think its a personal choice if you love it then that’s the way to go because I think that when you are alone you get to understand yourself much better and its always better to be alone then with a crowd where you don’t fit in I too am a loner and love my own company . So you are not alone in the way you feel .lots of luv ❤️

  4. Hello Sonia, Indeed it’s the personal choice but sometimes we need to forcefully apply this choice because of this selfish world, sometimes their is no one who can understand us better. Only a loner can understand other loner. Thanks for the love and support. Great to find you out. Have a lovely day!! xoxo

  5. Human is by default a social animal, we need others most of the time. But despite needing others, we need to make time for our self to be alone and enjoy the solitude. We are not the same, but my creative juice flow more when am alone and I always enjoy the solitude. If you can’t enjoy and make most of being alone, how can you enjoy the company of others?

    • Truely said, specialy bloggers do need solitude to ask themselves what the heck they are doing, where they are going, their wants and needs and a lot more questions. But to have blogger friends who think the same way is like a gift. Thanks mate for being here.
      Have a beautiful day…😄😄

  6. This is such an honest piece of writing Vinay, and I truly appreciate that. “Being alone” can be a misnomer, and your post clearly puts it across really well. I often enjoy being alone, just in the company of myself and my thoughts, and I have lately realised that those have been some of the most productive moments of my day, or the times when I have been able to heal my soul and the mind the most. Being alone should be considered as normal as being in people’s company, but somehow it’s never taken the same way. I enjoyed reading this piece a lot and hope to read more interesting stuffs from you soon.

    Cheers ! 😀

  7. Dear friend,

    When we use the word “alone” – we all understand the meaning of it at once. But hidden in this word there is another meaning: “all-one” – though we are alone we are also all one, all-one, allone, “alone” – like all in one and one in all – so we are alone from a certain point of view and we are not alone from another point of view – then we are all connected, never be “alone”… but always “all one”…

    Thank you for sharing this subject 🙂

    All good wishes

    • That’s riveting. 😉 Never looked at it from this angle. I also believed that we are “all in one and one in all” but to be one in all we need to take massive action and a leap of faith on ourselves which is a tough task to do. It does sounds mesmerizing but in reality it’s like playing hide and seek with oneself. I think we need to be enlighten to be all in one. But thanks for bringing this creative and new perspective up 🙂 I will definitely thought more about it soon.

      Have a magical and miraculous day! 🙂

      • Thank you dear friend 🙂

        “to be One in All can also be understood as our “higher Self “, as the = “Ocean” is consisting of millions and millions of all drops. Indeed, to reach this condition is not easy at all when our mind is under controll and all outside leading senses come to a pure silence. “In the silence of our thoughts a great treasure can be found” – We are like fish: swimming in the water, but are searching for the water… so “Oneness” is there but hidden in us…

        Thank you very much for your profound response 🙂

        All good wishes

        • 😍😍😍Now you are makimg me fan of yours with this amazing response. Loved when you said “we are like fish…..” 👌 We all have the treasure of magical powers hidden inside us and I think the one word to open that treasure is #Believe. Once we believed in something magic happens.
          Pleasure to have you on board DIDI. Your comments make me think out of the box.
          Have a beautiful day you desired😄

        • Thanks, my friend 🙂
          True, we need to believe in something (even those who claim they do not believe in something, they believe that they do not believe in something…) and when our belief becomes knowledge then… “believing is seeing”

          Also for you a good time 🙂

  8. Being alone is never a mad choice. Some people like being alone and living in their own world. I enjoyed being alone as long as I have things to keep my mind off loneliness. I know there are other ways to fight over loneliness but somehow not in my case.

    Great read and love it. I hope you have a great day! 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by Ally L. Mare. Glad you liked this article. In my case also other ways don’t work😄.

      Comments from my readers always made my day better. You too have a beautiful day!😉

  9. I’m all for being alone. I enjoy it. Plus, I am not always the best with other people. I just think it can be really helpful in certain situations 🙂 I get told to be with other people though. They clearly don’t understand haha!

    • Same happens with me 😂😂 my friends and parents didn’t understand why I spend so much time alone.. It’s like when I am alone It didn’t fell like alone but when I am with others It feels worse than alone. Happy to connect with others like me. Have a lovely life Chloe Lauren.. Blessings!!😍😍

  10. If I admit to loving being alone I would gather that you won’t be alone in your aloneness now would you? Will that alone time than become inundated with the thoughts that I am truly not alone in this anymore? I thrive on lonely times…unfortunately I can be aloof, anti social too. I need that space. But I don’t hate people either. But I actually and honestly fill lost in a room full of people…Just the way I am. My favorite alone time is in the car and damn it all to hail alot of my writing ideas are generated behind the wheel…and you can’t necessarily pull over and start scribbling. Oh well…I have let you inside a little just now haven’t I? To my alone time. peace, love & starlight. —g.a.meeder

    • 🙂 It’s like we are in the same boat. Driving the car during the night with light music is when I get the most juice out of my life. When I am feeling lost and angry I drive fast with loud music and when I want to lose in my thoughts I drive slow with the music of love.
      People always complain that we speak less but they don’t know we are lost in our own thoughts, we have our own space where very few or you can say no one can enter. I also don’t hate people but it’s just like I didn’t meet with someone who can understand me well. With whom I can talk endlessly without even saying a word 😉
      Thanks for letting me in mate 🙂
      Have a Rock and Roll day you always desired!

  11. As an introvert, I can completely relate! I also started a blog because I found it difficult to share the deeper parts of myself with other people, and I find a certain catharsis through writing. I would like to speak to you more about the matter if you’d like!

    • Yeah I Would love to hear back from you on this matter. Glad to hear that somehow you can resonate with what I had said. You can talk to me on my email address [email protected] or in comment section also.
      Indeed its really difficult for us to share the real person hiding inside us with the outer world but writing does help 🙂 Have a beautiful day you always desired Kat!! 😉

  12. This blog is amazing… I feel like you were speaking my truth! Being alone is definitely not a bad thing, especially when it allows us to reflect and grow in ourselves. Being able to think about anything we want, write anything we want, or just “be” is the key to growth!

    • Thanks for ypur uplifting words. I have visited you website and would love say i admire your writings. You have an amazimg content so simply written.
      I liked the questions you asked in your about section. I am also finding answers to them. Hooe we you find our calling soon. Have a lovely day!!😄😄 Thank you for visiting. 😍

  13. You are the not the only one who loves being alone. I love it too. I think solitude is independence. If you can function properly without needing others every now and then, to me, that person is strong. That doesn’t mean that one should stop interacting with others completely. One must also know to share. Share love, share happiness, share positive energy!
    I am an extrovert but I love to be alone. It does make me a weird person and it’s completely okay to me. Solitude gives me time to think.

    • Can’t agree with you more than 200% that we should never stop sharing love, happiness and positive energy. Glad to hear I’m not alone in this world where people are social animals, there ‘re others like me to who love to spend time alone .
      Being an extrovert and also having the ability to spend time alone doesn’t make you weird, it makes you hell of a skilled and crazy person. Damn I need to learn things from you… 🙂
      Have a great great day! “Panda” 😉 Nice to have you on board. Thanks for reading…my blog posts.. .

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