2 Important Things I have learned last year

2 important things I have learned

As you all know I have gone through a lot in the last year maybe I didn’t tell you the whole story but at-least you have a glimpse of my stressful, betrayal and lot worse lonely days.

Today I will tell you what two things I have learned in those days.

Directly cutting through the chase these are the two things.

1. You are on your own.
Nobody, I mean nobody not even your closest ones going to be with you in your inner quest. It’s you vs you. You have to fight it alone. the biggest nightmares are going to come this is just the trailer. Trust yourself. Only you are going to last because, in the end, everything else will fade away.
Don’t expect your friends and family to be with you. It’s your dream. They don’t know it, they didn’t taste it, they don’t even dream it. So stop complaining just start doing.


2. The biggest question you going to ask yourself is Who are you? and What do you want?
Know don’t tell me you want to be a lawyer, engineering etc. that’s the answer for the society look deep inside, there is something hiding there. find that out. That’s your true calling. If it matches with your earlier answer then that’s good and if not then there is something you need to change. A lot worse is going to come prepare yourself for it.
Don’t tell me that what you are dreaming is not possible or not practical. Go fuck that practical, it’s bullshit. We have reached mars was that practical, today we can talk to anyone through these smart phones was that seems practical in old days. You are only using 1% of your brain. Your brain knows more than you can even imagine, that dreams it is showing you are there for a reason. So believe in yourself. The magic is going to happen soon.

To be continued………….

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  1. It’s hard to know what you want most in life sometimes, especially if you are too scared to really think about it. Thanks for stopping by my homeschool/family blog earlier.

    • Indeed it’s the toughest task on board. Whatever you will choose you have to stick with it for your whole life, that’s what scares us. It’s my pleasure to visit my fellow bloggers and read their art work in the form of words.😍😍 Have a splendid day!

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